Beyond reducing sugar: Eating well to prevent type 2 diabetes

Today is World Diabetes Day, so I want to take this opportunity to talk about some of the ways that you can change your eating habits to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. When it comes to reducing your risk of type 2 diabetes, changing your eating habits is important, but you might be […]

Roasted maple pumpkin and freekeh salad_close up

Roasted maple pumpkin & freekeh salad

I made this beautifully colourful salad for National Nutrition Week last month and it was a real hit. Crispy snow peas, creamy feta, sweet caramelised pumpkin, crunchy pine nuts – what’s not to love? But there’s one ingredient in this salad that you might not be familiar with. It’s touted as an ancient ‘super grain’, […]

Cauliflower carbonara

Cauliflower carbonara & a trick to make any pasta recipe healthier

Today is World Pasta Day, but unfortunately when people are trying to eat better, pasta is one of the things that they tell me they are trying to avoid. Pasta seems to have a bad reputation when it comes to weight loss and general health, but contrary to popular belief, you can eat pasta and […]

Walnut falafel burgers

Walnut falafel burgers with beetroot, carrot & apple slaw

The weather is warming up around here at the moment and burgers are calling out to be made. While they may be delicious, most burgers are filled with lots of saturated fat and empty kilojoules (you know, kilojoules that don’t provide the body with many of the nutrients that it needs). I’m all for a […]

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5 essentials to eating well: Part 5 – Inspiration

The last piece in the puzzle to eating well is inspiration. I started this series of posts last week as part of National Nutrition Week and although the week is over, I hope that this post can serve as a starting point for inspiring and healthy meals into the future. If you’ve missed any of the other 4 […]


5 essentials to eating well: Part 4 – Planning ahead

This week for National Nutrition Week  I’ve been sharing the 5 skills, actions and thought processes that are essential for eating well. Number 4 on my list is a big one – planning – so read on for some tips to help you plan ahead for a healthier week of food. If you’ve missed any of […]


5 essentials to eating well: Part 2 – Basic cooking skills

This week I’m sharing the 5 things that are essential to helping you eat well – I’m talking skills, actions and thought processes that you can put in place to improve your eating habits, no matter where you are with your eating at the moment. I hope that everyone can pick up something from this series […]


5 essentials to eating well: Part 1 – A balanced mindset

Eating well is partly about what we put into our mouths, but there are a lot of variables affecting the quality of your food before you dig your fork in. Over the next 5 days, as part of National Nutrition Week, I’ll be exploring 5 things that are essential to helping you eat well – I’m […]

Healthier corn & potato chowder - Should You Eat That? blog

Soup Sunday: Healthier corn & potato chowder

Last week I shared some of my tips for making healthier soups with you all with the aim of helping you adapt some of your existing soup recipes to make them a little healthier. For this weeks Soup Sunday, I thought it might be good to take an existing recipe and apply some of the […]