Peanut Butter Topped Chocolate Brownies (Browniebabe #1)

Peanut Butter Brownies

I feel like it is a little early on in this blogs life to be participating in a food blogging event, but I have been reading about them for a while now and I couldn’t help but enter into the ‘browniebabe of the month’, hosted by Myriam over at Once Upon A Tart. Partly because I seem to have been bitten by the baking bug sometime in the last week or so and also because I saw this recipe for peanut butter topped chocolate brownies in the April issue of Australian Good Taste . I am aware that there are some peanut butter haters out there, but I absolutely love it, smooth or crunchy, I don’t care it is just so good.

I must admit that brownies are one of the foods that seem to have fallen off my food radar since being diagnosed with diabetes. Definately not on purpose, as you can see from reading my post on the title of this blog below I do not consider any foods off bounds for myself, but it is just one of those things that I haven’t made in a while. I am delighted that I have rediscovered them, as these brownies were very delicious. The peanut butter topping gave them a salty contrast, but it didn’t overpower the rich and fudgy chocolate base.

I feel a little bit bad for making these the night that my mum went away for 3 days, as she is a big peanut butter fan like me (or maybe I got it off her? lol) and it looks like she might miss out on the brownies, as Luke and I have been eating them whenever we get a chance. I think I have managed to save her a *very* small piece, but if she doesn’t get home in the next couple of hours I might just be eating it myself.

Peanut Butter Topped Chocolate Brownies (Serves 12)

Peanut Butter Brownies Peanut Butter Brownies 1 Peanut Butter Brownies Peanut Butter Brownies 3

Preheat your oven to 160C and line the base of a 16 x 26cm pan with baking paper. Let the paper hang over the ends so it is easier to get the brownies out once they are cooked. Coarsley chop 150g dark chocolate and put in a microwave safe mixing bowl together with 100g unsalted butter. Microwave in 1 minute bursts until chocolate melts and the mixture is smooth.

Add 2 lightly beaten eggs to the chocolate mixture along with combined 215g(1C) caster sugar, 75g(1/2C) plain flour & 2tbsp cocoa powder and stir until just combined (don’t overmix). Pour mixture into prepared pan, spoon 200g(3/4C) crunchy peanut butter in dollops over the brownie mixture and create swirls with the blade of a knife, a skewer or your fingertips if you don’t mind getting messy!

Bake the mixture for 35-40 minutes or until crumbs cling to a skewer inserted into the centre. Let it cool slightly before removing them from the pan and cutting into squares to serve. So yummy warm, but let it cool a little bit or you won’t be able to cut into it!! Let me know what you think…

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7 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Topped Chocolate Brownies (Browniebabe #1)

  1. Thanks Helene,
    They were really yummy!
    The recipe itself is not particularly a ‘diabetic’ recipe though, so it depends on whether your father in law follows a strict, ‘old school’ kind of diet with the same dosage at every meal or is more liberal with it and calculates things out more… I hope you enjoy them!!

  2. after months of dreaming of these I have finally made these and found them wonderful – especially the day after baking – thanks for the recipe!

  3. Well,
    forgive me but I cannot agree with this recipe. It does not fit into a healthy food range – as Tara said herself – it is not particularly diabetic.
    BTW – I checked the Healthy Food Guide and Healthy Food for Life website recipes.
    Are they really healthy?

    Of course the task of eating healthy contradicts with the truth of tasty being greasy or sweet.
    Where is the solution?
    I think we should learn to CHANGE our habits and experiment more.
    Oh it is not easy – I know!
    Tip: when I crave for sweet – I eat sea salt. That is right – and it works.
    But if you really want to experiment – try dried salty beef (beef jerky) instead of crackers.
    You get NO carbohydrates, taste, flavour. Cooking time: 0!
    That is what I would recommend to good father in law!

  4. Healthy Food Master – hmmm… I do not know where to start with replying to your comment! First of all, if you read my first ever post on this blog you would get some kind of idea of my philosophy on food. Obviously ours are quite different and that is fine because everyone has different viewpoints in life.

    I NEVER said that this recipe was a particularly healthy one, so there is no need for you to ‘disagree’ with it. Brownies and sweet things in themselves are not a problem, the problem arises when people overconsume these kinds of foods, which unfortunately is happening quite a lot in western civilisation especially. I certainly would not endorse eating these brownies everyday, but for a special ocassion they are quite nice.

    Now when it comes to ‘diabetic recipes’, I don’t believe there is such a thing. A Type 1 diabetic like myself can eat anything they wish, as can anyone else. I do not steer clear of sweet foods or carbohydrates just because of my condition. When other people eat these foods their bodies release insulin, when I do so I inject the insulin, both have the same outcome! There is no need for me to avoid these foods.

    You bag out carbohdyrates but go on to suggest sea salt or dried salty beef! Sodium (salt) is another thing that is widely overconsumed in western civilisations, you are just jumping from one ‘evil’ to another. The body needs carbohydrates and it also needs salt, but it needs BOTH in moderation.

    A truly healthy diet is balanced and varied and contains all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the body needs to function and survive on a daily basis.

    You asked if the recipes from the Healthy Food Guide Magazine were actually healthy. Indeed they are. They are compiled by a well educated and esteemed group of nutritionists, dietitians and health professionals who strive to provide people with recipes that meet the above definition of a truly healthy diet.

    The other website you mentioned, which just so happens to be your own, I can’t vouch for. Although the 1 recipe that is actually on there at the moment seems to be well rounded.

    I do not know how you can call yourself the ‘Healthy Food Master’ when you have learnt all you ‘know’ from the internet and other less than credible sources. Maybe if you had studied nutrition and health I might be able to take you a little more seriously. I guess I will leave it there. Cheers!

    —- end highjacking of comments section here —-!

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