I’m A Daring Baker!!


I am so very, very excited! I have officially been inducted into the Daring Baker’s and am eagerly awaiting my first challenge, in June. Don’t know what it is yet (and even if I did, I couldn’t tell you), but after this month’s challenge, Gateau Saint Honore, I am both scared out of my wits and shivering with excitement at what I am going to be asked to make.

OK, for those of you who have been living under a rock, the Daring Baker’s are a group of everyday people who challenge themselves with a different recipe each month. They were founded by Ivonne & Lisa who challenged each other to make Pretzels in November last year. Since then they have been joined by more and more bakers, with 66 at last count, and have made more daring things each month – biscotti, croissants, flourless chocolate cake, red velvet cake, chocolate crepe cake and gateau saint honore. With the challenges getting bigger (it seems they are growing harder with each new member) I am quite scared by what may face me in months to come, but I can’t wait for the challenge and the chance to step outside my comfort zone.

Feel free to browse through the many links to beautiful posts about the previous challenges in my sidebar (If I have mistyped anyone’s name or URL could you please let me know and I will fix it, I did it quite late at night!), while you and I both wait with baited breath for the next challenge. You will see my first Daring Baker’s challenge post towards the end of June.

To Ivonne & Lisa, thank-you so much for accepting me into the Daring Baker’s! And to my fellow DB’s, I am looking forward to sharing the next challenge with you and seeing you all on the DB blog :)

10 thoughts on “I’m A Daring Baker!!

  1. Gilly – Thank-you, Your blog is also new to me and very impressive! Everything you make is so beautiful, I will definitely be keeping an eye on your posts…

    Kelly-Jane – Thanks for the welcome! I am looking forward to the rollercoaster ride for sure…

    Jerry – Go Eta Class!! *secret handshake*

    Cheryl – Thank-you very much, can’t wait for June 1st :)

  2. ooh…Tara… I’m a relatively new DB (Epsilon class). Do you mind if I tag along on your mission to catch up on past coursework? I’d *love* to try my hand at croissants — and a partner would be great for motivation.

    I’ll try my hand at pretzels this weekend and let you know how it goes.

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