TGRWT#2 Round-Up

Please note: This is an old blog post written before I completed my masters and became an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD). Older posts may not reflect my current knowledge or contain ‘healthy’ recipes, so check for nutrition info or analysis below any recipes to see if it is something to enjoy regularly or just for special occasions.

I must say I have been very impressed with the creativity of food bloggers out there and the general ‘give it a go’ attitude of the participants in TGRWT#2. The turn out has more than doubled since TGRWT#1, with 15 bloggers willing to try out the combination of Banana & Parsley in the name of science (and yummy food!). There are some really delicious looking offerings in this round-up and plenty of variety with some things I would never have thought of! Here are our entries:

Ben from The Analytical Kitchen made Banana Sorbet with Parsley Jus which he modelled on his favourite drink, the Mojito – he even mimicked the effect of Tonic water by adding bicarbonate of soda to the sorbet. Sounds very yummy!

Ben’s Verdict: “The flavours work together, and they are clearly very unusual. I’m not sure it’s a fantastic combination, but it’s certainly interesting.”



Dennis at Kookjegek found an existing recipe online for Banana & Parsley Lasagne and decided to run with it. This seems like an interesting version of vegetarian lasagne, as it has no meat in it. The sweetness of the bananas dominated, with parsley only ocassionally showing through to add a bit of contrast.

Dennis’s Verdict: “Quite nice… Next time I will use less bananas and more curled parsley or maybe flat parsley.”

Evelin from Bounteous Bites used one of my favourite ingredients – bacon! – to create Bacon Wrapped Bananas with Parsley Filling, how divine do they look? The bananas also dominated in this dish, but the parsley added freshness & improved the taste.

Evelin’s Verdict: “…thumbs up for the combination”
Fiber of 28 Cooks created some beautiful get-together fare with her Plantain and Queso Fresco Puff Pastry Spirals with a Roasted Tomatillo and Parsley Crema, I will forgive her the long name as they look delicious – I mean they are made with pastry, another of my weaknesses.

Fiber’s Verdict: “All in all, the flavors work extremely well together… ”


Haalo from Cook Almost Anything went very scientific and created Green Banana Ice Cream, however as she used parsley in the form of chlorophyll, the flavour pairing couldn’t be observed. Nonetheless this is a very novel idea and would be wonderful to trick guests with!

Haalo’s Verdict: “The flavour of the banana is enhanced as you aren’t expecting it.”

Johanna at Green Gourmet Giraffe created a vegan Peanut Stew with Banana Parsley Salsa, with purple cauliflower! The aim was to have the bananas mellow, with parsley featuring.

Johanna’s Verdict: “…the sweetness of bananas, the freshness of the parsley and the tartness of the lemon were a perfect foil for the rich nuttiness of the stew.” (Partner’s Verdict: “An outstanding meal”)

M from the aptly named M’s Blog created two dishes to explore the theme – Banana Parsley Lassi & Deep Fried Parsley Pieces in Banana Batter.

M’s Verdict: “I prefer unchopped parsley.”

The creator of this event, Martin over at, made some delightfully fluffy Banana Marshmallows with Parsley. He, like M, notes the tendency of chopped parsley to taste like Hay, and says that the unset mixture tasted more strongly of the pairing than did the set mixture the following day.

Martin’s Verdict: he was “…surprised by how well the banana and parsley blended together [in the unset mixture]. To be honest, it tasted really nice!”

Matthieu at Blog & White created a very green Banana Parsley Milk Shake. The milkshake tasted strongly of banana and vanilla, with a strong aftertaste of parsley.

Matthieu’s Verdict: “It’s foamy and creamy like any banana milk shake, but definitely much more green!”

Mica over at Jurgen dot ca made a wonderful dessert of Banana Ice Cream with Sesame-Parsley nougatine and Fried Bananas for some visiting friends. The pairing went down so well that everyone’s plates were empty! It looks incredibly delicious.

Mica’s Verdict: (from email) “The flavours were a great combination.”

Robert from Lamiacucina joins us with a Banana Gremolata Terrine, made with Parsley flavoured rice with Banana in the centre. He says that he would try to get the banana more evenly distributed throughout the rice next time as it was a bit lost in the centre.

Robert’s Verdict: “My impression is, that both flavours fit quite well together.”

Sarina at created some Savoury Banana Parsley Fritters. The parsley flavour is subtle at first, but strengthens when the fritters are left to sit before eating.

Sarina’s Verdict: “Definitely a win, and worth repeating.”

Stephanie from Cupcake, My Love managed to send me her entry for Banana & Parsley Aioli before she set off on a holiday to the beach for 2 weeks. I am so jealous as I sit here all rugged up for Winter! She says the sauce was a little tangy but very creamy, with a slight garlic bite to it and the bananas added sweetness.

Stephanie’s Verdict: “I thought ketchup and roasted potatoes were good, but nope…this is the new Ketchup… one of the best sauces/dishes I’ve ever made.”

Viji from Malabar Ruchi created a Raw Banana Stir Fry aka ‘Vazhakai Varavu’. It looks delicious and Viji says it would go well with rice and dal.

Viji’s Verdict: “It turned out to be good.”

Bananas with Butterscotch Parsley Sauce Parsley Crumbed Bananas Banana & Parsley Bread 3

And finally, I had several attempts at this pairing, the most successful being Banana & Parsley Bread (the others, Bananas with Butterscotch Parsley Sauce & Parsley Crumbed Bananas, can be found via the same link). I found it hard to find a balance between the parsley being too subtle and it overtaking the dish, either with its flavour or texture. However, when the balance was right the parsley added a nice freshness to the sweet banana.

My Verdict: In the right balance these two ingredients compliment each other well.

So there you have it, some different recipes to try out on unsuspecting guests! The general consensus seems to be that the science is right on this one – Banana & Parsley DO go really well together. Just be sure to get the balance right and try to avoid the ‘hay’ like taste of parsley by keeping it as intact as possible.

Hold the phone, we have a late entry for TGRWT#2, and since we are a nice bunch of people we are going to include it!

Jess and Bonsai have created some wonderful Cream Puffs with Banana & Parsley Filling. They also had fun making people out of them, but say they were very nice.

Verdict: “Tasty!”


That’s it for TGRWT#2, in the next few days Martin & I will decide on the host for TGRWT#3, so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of the next flavour pairing to try! (*EDIT* – TGRWT#3 has been announced.) Thank-you to all of the participants who were game enough to join us for TGRWT#2, we hope to see you again for TGRWT#3.

12 thoughts on “TGRWT#2 Round-Up

  1. I had a few ideas, but not having a blog or the time to make them and take pictures, I didn’t get around to entering. I’m surprised no one else thought of these ideas though. When I think parsley, I think tabbouleh and hummus! And of course, we all know how well sweet and savory go in middle Eastern food. Perhaps I’ll try those sometime this summer and let you know!

  2. I’d have never hoped to discover so many ideas here! From ‘yuck’ to ‘wow’, I’d say:) My idea is to try grilled chicken together with the combination. Maybe with banana filling and parsley crust?
    Looking forward to the next round!

  3. thanks for an entertaining round up tara – so many wonderful ideas – so much exciting green – I really liked the look of the milkshake and the aioli sauce – hope to try some more banana and parsley dishes and will look forward to the next challenge

  4. Hi Tara! Thanks for visiting my blog and helping me with my query. I will try doing what you suggested. Does this html apply If I want to make a reference to a cookbook?
    I have a good friend who is type 1 diabetic too. I always feel guilty when we have lunch together, she eats next to nothing! I shall refer her to your blog for some recipe ideas. Thanks again!

  5. Tara, I just had a look through your entire blog and I must say I am very pleasantly suprised. I was expecting to see lots of low-carb n sugar foods but instead I saw beautiful cakes and cookies amongst other yummy,yummy food! For weeks I’ve been stressing about what food to cook on Saturdays for our pot luck meet-up with my type 1 diabetic friend, Deon. I now realize that if she didn’t eat any cakes or fried foods , it’s because it’s a choice she made for herself and not because she can’t have them. I feel so much better now! I’m glad you didn’t allow diabetes to cripple the foodie that you are, Tara. Well done!

  6. Oh for the love of food – Thank-you for your compliments. I take a different approach to food than a lot of other Type 1 diabetics out there, and I respect their choices, but I just can’t enjoy my life living like that and I don’t believe there is any reason to be on a diet like that when my levels are well controlled this way. I feel some rambling about diabetes coming on, so I am going to post it in a comment on a diabetic related post over here!

  7. TriniGourmet – have fun trying those. It is a wonderful challenge, can’t wait for the next one to be announced.

    Anonymous – What a shame you didn’t join us, it states in the instructions that if you don’t have a blog you can still participate by sending me an email about what you made. Let me know how it goes when you do get around to making it and I will add it as a late entry down the bottom.

    Evelin – ‘wow’ was what I was saying everytime I got another entry to look at, they are all so wonderful! Let me know how the chicken goes.

    Johanna – Yes, lots of green – maybe the next challenge can have a purple ingredient? hehe… it is one of my favourite colours too…

  8. I love bananas because they are easy and clean (non-messy) to eat. :-) I know, I choose my food items based on how much cooking it needs and how non-messy it gets.

    I don’t know about the bacon wrapped banana. That sounds really odd. Sweet and salty together.

  9. Amazing! It’s really fun to see how creative you guys are, not to mention how many different ideas people get from two basic ingredients!

    I’m actually still working on the banana marshmallows with parsley and just received some freeze dried parsley which I’ll try out together with blanched parsley (to see if enzymes take part in oxidation) and/or chopped parsley with lemon juice (to see if an antioxidant helps). I’ll post an update on this at

    BTW, look out for the next round (TGRWT #3) which will be announced soon!

  10. I tried the banana parsley shake with some variation -

    I do not find fresh parsley around my place, so I always dry(at room temperature) fresh parsley leaves and make a curled powder of parsley for future use.

    I used this powder and it gave an amazing taste -

    here is my recipe-

    one frozen banana, sliced
    2 cup milk
    1 cup two in one icecream ( vanilla and strawberry)
    1 tsp dried parsley powder

    I first blended banana and milk,then added half cup icecream
    and parsley and blended till smooth.

    Served with half cup icecream on top of shake.

    It was amazing and will be a must drink for me, had that after taste of parsley but blended well with strawberry, vanilla and banana.

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