Birthday Wishes for Leanne… & A Pie Recipe

Leanne is one of my closest friends, we met when we shared a room at the Student Village that I moved into for my first univeristy course. I only lasted 6 months at that place, it was waaay overpriced for what it was – a falling down, ugly, ex-immigration barracks. Leanne managed to last a whole year, which was good because I needed a place to crash for the night when I had to go to uni! Seriously though, we have grown to be great friends and we lived together for a few years after that in various houses in different suburbs. We were gypsys together.

I really miss living with her, we always had an awesome time. We were always on the same page and I can’t remember ever having a fight with her in the whole 3 years we lived together. That can’t be said for some of the other people we have lived with. I’m glad I still get to work with her one day a week in the bakery (oh yeah, did I mention that we worked full time together and lived together and still managed not to bite each others heads off?) and that Chris and I introduced her to Chris’s best friend, Leigh, so we are a cute little foursome! I get to see her quite a bit, but I still have Leanne withdrawals. It can’t be helped, she is so infectious and addictive it makes it hard to wean yourself off her!

Happy Birthday Leanne, may your day be filled with lots of hugs and kisses and your night filled with good food and love. I miss you babe, even though I saw you on Tuesday at work, haha.

A couple of years ago, when Leanne & I were living on Lygon Street, Chris’s mum gave me a cookbook called ‘Secrets of the Beechworth Bakery’. Apparently this is a rather famous bakery, but at the time I hadn’t heard of it. I was still thrilled to add another cookbook to my collection, but I think Leanne was more excited than I was. You see, her favourite pie was made at the Beechworth Bakery – Vegetable Medley Pie. Of course, she was begging me to make it from the second she found out I had the book. How could I refuse her big puppy dog eyes? I made it and it became one of my favourites as well.

I made this pie again for Pie Friday last week and managed to save a slice to take to Leanne when I went over to Chris’s house later that night to ‘watch soccer’. Ok, so Leanne and I played cards and the boys watched the soccer. What can I say? The soccer puts me to sleep everytime. If only my parents had of figured this out when I was a baby, they probably would have got me to sleep easier.

Vegetable Medley Pie (Serves 4-6)

Vegetable Medley Pie

You need to start with some Shortcrust pastry. Of course you can buy it, but making it yourself really isn’t hard at all. So give it a go, this recipe should give you enough for 2 pie bases or one pie with a top and bottom crust. Although puff pastry is better on the top of a pie anyway.

In a large mixing bowl rub together 1 3/4C plain flour & 2/3C margarine. Add 1C milk and blend with a stick blender to form a smooth paste. In a seperate bowl mix together 2C plain flour & 2tsp salt, add to the large bowl and bring together to form a dough. Make sure you don’t overwork it. Roll into a ball, cover in plastic wrap and allow to rest for 10-15 minutes on the bench. Roll out to desired size and place in a greased pie dish. Freeze any leftover pastry for future use.

Preheat your oven to 200C.

For the filling, bring a large pot of water to the boil and boil 2 peeled potatoes until tender. Remove potatoes from water (keep boiling water in pot) and dry mash, measure out 2/3C for the pie and set aside. Meanwhile dice 1 small zucchini, 100g carrot, 100g pumpkin & 1 large potato. Blanch diced vegies along with 1C broccoli florets in the boiling water for 5 minutes. Drain vegies well and add to measured mashed potato along with 1Tbsp butter, 1/2 an onion diced, 1Tbsp mixed herbs, 1/2C frozen peas, 1/2C canned corn kernels, 1/4C cream, 1 egg & 2/3C grated tasty cheese. Season with salt and pepper and pour into prepared pie base.

Top with another 1/4C grated tasty cheese and bake in oven for 30-40 minutes, or until cooked and golden.

Why Should I Eat That?

Nutrition Information: (per 4 or 6 serves)

Energy 2696.2 or 1797.5kJ, Protein 25.8 or 17.2g, Fat (Total) 26.2 or 17.5g (Saturated) 7.2 or 4.8g, Carbohydrates (Total) 71.8 or 47.8g (Sugars) 7.5 or 5g, Dietary Fibre 8.2 or 5.5g, Sodium 1154.6 or 769.7mg. 3.6 or 2.4 serves of Vegetables.

Printable Recipes:

Medley Pie

Shortcrust Pastry

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  1. that looks delicious – I have heard tales of the beechworth bakery (although I have never visited) and am sure their pies are great, especially when made with love – am sure it made leanne’s birthday much much happier!

  2. Ohhh don’t remind me of the Beechworth Bakery, it is magnificent! And even better is the Beechworth Sweet Company next door. It’s all the making to a wonderfully fatty day

  3. Hi Tara

    I have recieved my BBM package today. Thank you so much for the contents. I have also got two relative with diabetes, one is type 1 and the other is type 2, so the mag is appropriate. I’ll post about BBM early next week!

    Thank you


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