My First BBM Package

BBM July 07

This is the Blogging By Mail package that I recieved at the end of last week from Mai & Kevin from Feed Your Vegetarian, who hail from Virginia. The theme was favourite things, so I got a nice mix of each of their favourite snacks.

Here is what I got:

Utz Sour Cream and Onion Chips (Mai’s favourite) – How did you guys know that this is one of my favourite chip flavours? Delicious!

BBM July 07 2

Bar-b-cuin’ with my Honey Rap Snacks (both) – Oh my god, I love the whole idea behind these chips. They’ve got positive affirmations and stories of role models on the back, to try and appeal to inner city youths to succeed in life. LOVE the idea, I wonder how effective it is to the young people though? Haven’t tried these yet, but I am already impressed.

Dark Chocolate M&Ms (Mai’s favourite) – As most of you have probably picked up by now, I LOVE dark chocolate. YUM!! I want to make these into cookies, but there aren’t enough of them… and, well… I’ve already finished off half the packet.

Reese’s Pieces (Kevin’s favourite) – I’ve had peanut butter cups before (I think they are Reese’s??), Love peanut butter… you guys are like my perfect match! haha… you like everything that I do… or have you been stalking me?

Tapatio Hot Sauce (Kevin’s favourite) – OK, except maybe for this… I am a scaredy cat when it comes to hot stuff, I will be passing this one on to my brother… I’ll give it a little try of course ;)

Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies (both) – These were delicious, thanks so much guys! I still stand by my M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies being the best ever though, you should give them a go!!

The Onion Newspaper (both) – This was a good read, it’s a cynics newspaper apparently. Very funny stuff.

BBM July 07 3

Old Bay Seasoning (Mai’s favourite) – Unfortunately the Australian customs people took this one away when they went through my box of goodies, sorry Mai. I suppose they felt they should have something for ripping open my box or something! Seriously though, it contains allspice as an ingredient, which they seem to think could bring pests into our little island country. Of all things, why allspice? I mean why can all the other spices come in but not the allspice? And what is so special about the allspice that I can actually buy at the grocery store? Because apparently they can’t just put mine in quarantine for a while or anything, they have to destroy it (or I can opt to send it back for $42.50! – sorry guys but I’m going to get it destroyed…). I’m just a bit annoyed because I know how much thought Mai and Kevin put into everything trying to make sure this wouldn’t happen… and then our notoriously strict customs took something anyway! Oh well, nothing can be done about it…

So thank-you soooo much to Mai & Kevin, I’m still getting through everything, but everything has been great. I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog from now on.

Wondering where my package got sent? Mine went over to Dianne from A Gluten Free Journey and it was a bit of a challenge finding ‘my favourite things’ which were gluten free let me tell you! I now have a new appreciation for everyone living with this diet restriction, I would certainly find it very hard if I had to follow it as most of my favourite things actually contain gluten.

Thanks also to Stephanie from Dispensing Happiness for organising such a wonderful swap, you’re a gem! Looking forward to the next swap…

3 thoughts on “My First BBM Package

  1. That’s too bad about the seasoning. I had the same thing happen with cloves – the well known enemy of gum trees, bottlebrushes and frilly necked lizards.

  2. looks like an interesting package but I am interested to see what customs lets through and what they don’t – I have had things confiscated in the past and find it a mystery!

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