Daring Bakers September Challenge

It’s that time of the month again… time for all of us Daring Bakers to post about our challenge of the month. This month the challenge was Cinnamon & Sticky buns and it was set for us by Marce from Pip in the City. As you all are probably aware by my lack of posts lately, I am quite busy with university assignments and life in general at the moment, but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of a baking challenge! Or so I thought.

I scheduled my baking day for the day before my friends wedding, although the wedding was the next day we had to travel down the night before as it was 4-5 hrs away and I was in the bridal party so had to be there early. So, the plan was to make buns all day, eat them all night in the car on the way down. Sounded like a perfectly plausable, if not ingenious, idea to me.

Until the day schemed against me that is. It was a fairly cold day and my dough didn’t seem to be rising. Turn up the heating and put the bowl in a high spot – still not rising. Put it in the (turned off) microwave with a couple of bowls of hot water – nope that isn’t working either. After about 3 hours (the recipe called for 2 hours) it was crunch time, I had to make the scrolls now or throw the dough in the bin – or I wasn’t going to make it to the wedding. ‘Maybe the dough will rise when it’s in the oven’ I thought in my desperate state. It didn’t, they came out looking like some kind of filled pastry, but unfortunately they didn’t taste like them… or sticky buns for that matter. I hastily left them sitting on the bench (along with all the dishes and a big sticky mess) and rushed off to meet up with Chris, Leanne and Leigh who I was going to the wedding with.

My sticky bun disaster

I was hoping I would have time to make these again before the end of the month, but I haven’t. So I will leave you with some photos of the wedding and push you towards the link in my sidebar to go and look at all of the much more talented Daring Bakers out there who actually completed the challenge this month! Go on… scat!!

28 thoughts on “Daring Bakers September Challenge

  1. Oh that’s too bad they didn’t turn out. Never mind, this type of thing happens to everyone from time to time. It looks like a truly lovely wedding.

  2. Well perhaps you didn’t dilute the yeast in water before adding it in? (I say this tongue in cheek because if you go to my blog you’ll see my first batch took about 18hrs to rise properly…and I had to make a second one). They look fine even if they didn’t have the right consistency or taste fine. I’m sure if you try them again they’ll be great. Lovely wedding pictures.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement everyone… it seems that my pretty wedding photo distraction is working a treat!!

    Hilda – I did dilute the yeast with water before I added it… and it was a brand new packet as well! I dunno… maybe the baking fairies knew that I shouldn’t be eating a tray full of scrolls the night before I had to fit into that dress!?!

  4. What a pity! I bet the bride would have loved a bun as a bed time snack the night before the wedding, to help with the sweet dreams!
    Oh well, better luck next time!

  5. Sorry the buns didnt work out this time Tara.. BUT how lovely you look as a bridesmaid!!! (I was going to be naoughty and say something about buns…….) just kidding!! :)

  6. Wedding photos as a distraction is good…I will file that idea away for the time (which will probably be next month!) that a challenge doesn’t quite work for me. I have to say that your cinnamon buns, and the sticky buns sure did look good though, in spite of them misbehaving! :-)

  7. Sounded like a great idea, munching in the car driving to a wedding, so sorry it didn’t work out. Good decision to leave them behind out on the counter, that should teach them!
    Lovely wedding party pics though!

  8. First, the wedding sounds great!
    Second, I hope you consider this a highly successful challenge – consider all you learned! We learn most from our failure.
    Now a small secret – which for some unknown reason has not come to me until right now, the brain works as mysteriously as yeast. If you are going for flavor and time is not an issue, don’t do this. If however time is a big issue as it was in your situation, here’s a trick: using microwave safe bowls, put dough in bowl & cover with plate, put that bowl inside another. Pour warm water into the second bowl until it’s about half way up the inside first bowl. Place in microwave. Set it at the lowest setting – 1 or 10% for 4 minutes if it is a turning micro. If it’s not turning, I don’t know, think you’d have to turn it frequently.
    Your buns are cool!

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