Day 8 – & No Food to Blog About

Today has been a good day. Well, apart from waking up at 7:30 this morning with a major hypo (low blood sugar), probably due to the amount of walking I did yesterday, and then proceeding to get burnt, also due to the catalogue delivery job, aside from those two things it has been a great day.

I got all of my newspapers delivered (all 650 of them) and came across 2 lovely old people, you know the kind that make you smile. I had almost forgotten they existed with working in the bakery and getting all the rude customers. One lady stopped to tell me I looked like a model… yes, kind of an odd comment I know, but I will take a compliment any day!

Then a man started having a go at me for not delivering the paper to him, but when he found out I only started this week he apologised and explained how they never get any catalogues and he and his wife really enjoy them. He told me where their house was and when I got around to that area I almost walked past it myself. It is like a set of 15 units, but they each have their own letterbox at their front door, instead of being all at the front of the property. Pretty poory designed and I can see why most people would just skip it, to be honest I would have to if it wasn’t for the fact that I had spoken to that man.

Once all that was finished I had to go into the city for a diabetes clinic. My 3 monthly blood test was 7.1%, which has come down since I have been on the pump, so yay!

I came home to an empty house tonight so I didn’t cook what I had planned to, it will have to wait until another day. I ended up having 2 minute noodles, very gourmet I know! I’m pretty sure you guys don’t need a recipe for that, so i am going to have to leave you without any food related stuff today.

4 thoughts on “Day 8 – & No Food to Blog About

  1. Hey Tara how are you going, I noticed that you haven’t been blogging for a few days so I thought I’d check in and make sure everything was ok. Then again I’ve also noticed that your still active on facebook so whatever it is it can’t be too bad ;)

    Anyway thought I’d pop in and let you know that I have a new blog! This one is prettier and hopefully more erm.. creative minded than the last one, have a look! Hope all is well, Fi.

  2. Thanks for the concern Fi! My life is currently revolving around catalogues and newspapers – but not for much longer, I’ve got enough money to pay for my sewing machine now… so I am quitting this week! I should be back in the kitchen and therefore back here again soon…

  3. ohh my god I literally laughed out loud when you wrote that comment about catalogue delivery. Let me tell you a little story about when I first moved to Melbourne 2 years ago and I was completely broke and needed a job.

    As you’re aware the promises catalouge delivery makes are grand and idealistic, “get fit and earn money at the same time”, uhh yeah right. More like “spend 4 hours rolling the catalogues and then have a mental breakdown when you realise how many houses you have to deliver to”.

    I started doing it in east hawthorn, which is HILLY, very very hilly. And I have a really crappy trolley thing that the people lent me which veered strongly to one side. One day I locked my keys in my car, had to walk a block to find someone HOME so I could ring racv (ended up using a builders mobile), waited for an hour in the cold (my jacket was in the car), had a partial mental breakdown, then went home and threw all the catalogues in the bin outside my house. And still got paid. And that was the only time I ever did it.

    And then I started working at leo’s, thank the lord for leo’s haha.

  4. Oh and thankyou for your blog love! It’s nice to have a fresh and new one :) And I’m super jealous of the nuno fabric! Take lots of photos of whatever you sew! I’m a little bit obsessed with the Shinzi Katoh site (in case you didn’t notice from the blog) and realised that you can actually buy stuff from the Japanese site, now I just have to decide what!!

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