Cookbook Challenge Week 2

Although I ‘chose’ the book for this weeks Cookbook Challenge on the weekend, I have been slack in posting about it! The first book to come up on the amazing Library Thing widget was my high school home economics textbook, Cookery the Australian Way (I have the 6th edition, printed in 1998). Obviously, I have already cooked from this book so it won’t be my challenge book of the week, but I will list here the recipes that I have tried (& remember). This is mostly for my reference so I can find them quickly later on, but hopefully it is of some interest to you!

There are two recipes that I have adapted from this book that I have already blogged about – Curried Lentil Patties & Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding.

Others are:

Vegetable Lasagne p. 114

Vegetable Pasties p. 130

Spinach & Cheese Parcels p. 131

White Sauce p. 282

Apple Crumble p. 330

Golden Syrup Dumplings p. 336

Chocolate Mousse p. 339

Pancakes p. 368

Coconut Ice p. 429

Hedgehog p. 431

White Christmas p. 436

Pickled Onions p. 481 (I was looking for this one when I did the My Favourite Edible Gifts for Christmas post!)

Ironically, the next book on the list was the Australian Womens Weekly Cooking Class Cookbook. Who would have thought that the first two books on the list would both be related to learning and easy style recipes? This one is much older, although I’m not sure how old as it doesn’t have a date in it – but the props in the photos have a definite 70′s flair to them. As a nutrition student the chapter on ‘Vegetables’ is quite interesting to me – it only has 3 recipes, all of which involve deep frying white objects. Where is the rainbow of colour needed for good health?

I made a delicious ravioli from this cookbook for dinner tonight which I will post sometime in the next few days.

5 thoughts on “Cookbook Challenge Week 2

  1. these cookbooks look very familiar – although my version of cookery the australian way for my home economics classes was a little earlier edition! Your comment on the vegetables chapter in the AWW book is so true of many of the older cookbooks – I like the idea of buying older cookbooks but then find there are so few recipes for vegetarians even if I felt a little retro I don’t know I could just eat fried white vegetables!

  2. Johanna – As I am living with my mum at the moment we have 2 copies of Cookery the Australian way in the house! Hers is the 1975 edition.

    As much as I LOVE onion rings (the fish and chip shop next door makes the best ones in the world!… it is my weakness), there is no way that I could live off them, potato scallops and potato chips as my only vegetables. Yes, 2 of the 3 vegetable recipes are for potatoes. Very sad!!

  3. Hi there and thank you for your comment and guess on the recipe contest. I will be letting everyone know by the beginning of Feb….good luck and love your cheesy chicken breasts, I may make those tonight.,, :)

  4. I had to laugh just then as I was flicking through the “Cooking class cookbook” while flicking through some of your older posts! I’m at my parents for the week and it’s hilarious looking through some of mum’s old cookbooks, I’m considering attempting gnocchi for dinner tonight!

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