A Very Late Thank-You!

BBM Little Things Package

I know this post is VERY late and my deepest apologies go to Michelle from Culinography who sent me a beautiful package for the most recent BBM. BBM is of course Blogging By Mail, an event organised by Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness. This round the theme was ‘Little Things’. Michelle sent me some gorgeous, bright salt & pepper shakers made from recycled plastics (Love them!), A little jar of pumpkin butter, Ginger chews, Carbonated lollies, solid chocolate to make hot chocolate (delicious!) & a North Carolina cookbook (which she apologised for because she thought it was a bit tacky – No way! I love it, I absolutely love cookbooks and it is a great addition to my collection. I can’t wait to try something from it). Thank-you sooo much for a wonderful package Michelle and also to Stephanie for organising this great event.

The partner I sent to was Mary from The Sour Dough, you can see her post about my package here.

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