’31 Days to a Better Diet’ Challenge

I came accross an interesting set of posts on Limes & Lycopene today called ’31 Days to a Better Diet’. I enjoy reading Kathryn’s blog as she makes nutrition and its related topics interesting to the general public and I find her a credible source for such information. She is always coming up with great initiatives to help people make better decisions for their health and wellbeing, and this one is no exception. The challenge, which is going on throughout August, aims to help people make changes to their diet by participating in daily mini tasks. So, if you think that your diet could do with some tweeking, join in on the challenge and participate in as many tasks as you can fit into your schedule. Even if you only do a couple a week you will still make some improvements to your diet, your lifestyle and your health.

But this post isn’t just about getting the message out there for you guys. I am also going to be participating in the challenge. As a nutrition student I SHOULD be eating quite well, but the reality is that most of the time I don’t! Of course, I have a fairly good grasp on what a ‘healthy’ diet pertains to, but actually making those changes to my own diet has been something I have been thinking of doing for a long time. I mean I have improved my diet dramatically since I got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 3 years ago, but there is still much, much more room for improvement in my diet.

I am hoping that this series will help me to make the changes that I know I need to, I mean I would feel like a hypocrite telling people what they should be eating when my own diet is not up to scratch itself! So hopefully by the end of this challenge I will no longer be so ashamed of what I am eating. Let the challenge begin!

Day 1 – Make a committment

Well, this post is part of my committment to the challenge. I will be posting about my progress once a week (hopefully every Monday), letting you know how I have gone in the daily tasks.

Day 2 – Keep a diet diary for a week

This semester at uni our homework for the first week was to keep a diet diary for a day. The exercise was good in that it showed us how our diet compared to dietary guidelines, other people in our class and the Australian population in general. However, I have to admit I fudged my diary a little. Bad girl, I know! I left it to the last day in the week and then slept in and skipped breakfast, so I had to fake it a little. I am now going to do this task properly, from tomorrow I will be keeping a diet diary for a week – An honest one! No fudging it. The only person I am fooling is myself if I don’t do it properly. I really need a wake-up call as to how bad my diet actually is. I’ll let you know how it goes in my post next week.

Day 3 – Which food group don’t you eat

This task is all about making sure you get a variety of foods into your diet. For me, one of the things I have been working on lately is eating more fruit. If it is there I will happily eat it, so I have been trying to buy more. But that is something I am already working on. What I am going to try to include in my diet this week is fish. I used to be a vegetarian and fish is just one of those things that I haven’t really gotten into.

I know the health benefits, I know that I should be eating it 2-3 times a week – but I can’t get past the smell. I can’t eat tuna because it smells so bad. I don’t mind frozen fish fillets, but I would probably only get that into my diet 2-3 times in 6 months, not every week!

So this week I am going to eat my 2-3 serves of fish – and this includes TRYING tuna. I am going to brave it and get some when I am at work tomorrow and have it in my sandwhich! Who knows, I just might like it. But even if I don’t, at least I will know for sure. I will also get some frozen fillets for dinners later in the week.

Day 4 – Build up a stockpile of plastic containers

I laughed when I read the question at the end of this post – What plastic containers are in your cupboard? Ha! There are plenty, but the plastics cupboard in our kitchen is the most disorganised, tantrum inducing, wasted space ever. We all dread the hunt for matching lids or the container of the right size for the specified job. There is an avalanche of plastic chaos everytime anyone even thinks of going near that cupboard door!

Sometime this week I am going to go through that cupboard and get rid of anything that doesn’t match. I’m going to stack those bad boys with their lids nearby and sort them according to size. You know what? I may even take some before and after photos… if I could only find the charger for my camera battery… hmmm…

Seriously though, as well as saving my own sanity, I think I may even earn some brownie points for doing so – maybe I’ll be off dishes duty for a while! And oh how good it will be to be able to open that cupboard without my heart skipping a beat in fright. Although I don’t have lunch away from home on most days, I do use plastic containers to freeze large batches of soup, to store leftovers in and I guess I could start taking lunch to uni instead of buying from the cafes there – although they do have some fairly healthy choices at quite good prices, it would be good to have some variety.

So head on over and see what todays task is – I challenge you to improve your diet!

5 thoughts on “’31 Days to a Better Diet’ Challenge

  1. Well done for making a commitment Tara and it’s lovely to have you taking part and blogging about the proccess.

    I think clearing up your plastics cupboard is an excellent idea. It’s all about making them easier to use.

    If you’re not a tuna fan, why not try salmon – it’s less “smelly” and still contains oodles of those Omega 3s?

    Good luck with your tasks, look forward to hearing about your progress.

  2. Good luck with this – have seen kathryn’s posts and finding them quite interesting even if the challenge isn’t for me at the moment – but I did want to just respond to two points you made – one is about the fish – I can’t stand the smell either and think you are brave to even try. And re the fruit – I am quite fussy about fruit but have found that paying a bit more at a good green grocer means I eat it all rather than throwing some out because it is good quality stuff.

  3. Thanks for your support guys! Guess what I had for lunch today!? Tuna on my sandwhich!! And you know what, it wasn’t all that bad, I may even grow to love it… But I will give salmon a try as well, thanks for the suggestion kathryn…

    My main problem with the fruit is that we don’t buy enough of it, if it is there I will eat it… especially if we also have natural greek yoghurt to go with it… but if there is no fruit and there is chocolate, well you know what happens!! Today I bought a big bunch of bananas after work and also some kiwi fruit, because I don’t usually eat kiwi fruit, so I thought I would give them a try…

  4. Good luck with the ’31 Days…’ challenge! I’m reading along too and having a go – it kind of fits into what I’m doing with my own foodie changes lately which is handy.

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