Colourful Party Food

...also Geoffs 50th birthday!

Last weekend we had a party for Geoff’s 50th birthday, which was also for our housewarming since we only moved in a few weeks ago. Geoff wanted a theme, but they only sent the invites out 3 weeks before the party so it had to be something simple so we went with ‘colourful’… of course I went all out as you can see, even wearing purple contacts (which were actually meant to be for my halloween outfit, but just like the costume they failed to arrive on time… in fact, my costume still hasn’t arrived!) and turning an old pair of toe socks, which had lots of holes, into rainbow leg warmers!! I was by far the most colourful person there, but that wasn’t much of a surprise with the lack of notice that they gave people… In fact my brother never got his invite because mum sent it to the wrong address and then failed to mention the theme to him at all, hence him wearing all grey and black in the photo above…

'Colourful' housewarming party

Not being one to shy away from a theme, I added colour to any food I could (without using food dye)… we had a BBQ and salads (Ratatouille & Caramelised Onion Potato Salad) and a couple of quiches (which I tried to turn pink with some beetroot juice – they went into the oven bright pink and came out like normal… very disappointing!)…

Rainbow Jelly Shots

…but my colourful jelly shots weren’t disappointing at all… I used the same method as for the Halloween Party (except I skipped the worms) and used some coloured plastic shotglasses as well as some clear ones… There were 4 different flavours and I just put them randomly into the shotglasses instead of matching them up with colours… they were pretty effective…

Colourful Jelly Shots

We also had a colourful trifle that had 2 different layers of jelly and coloured sprinkles on top…

Desserts table

I completely over-catered and ended up with a lot of savoury fingerfood leftover because the BBQ got cooked quicker than I thought it would. So now I have a freezer full of pizza pinwheels and spring rolls, which I could never complain about! These are some of my staple catering fingerfoods that I make all the time. Great for feeding large crowds. The pinwheels are very simple, but the spring rolls take a bit of effort to roll in large quantities.

Spring Rolls Makes 40+

Party food 2

Cook 60g vermicelli noodles according to packet directions (usually just cover them with boiling water), drain & roughly chop up. In a large bowl, combine noodles, 3 grated carrots, 2 grated zucchini, 5 chopped spring onions, 1/4C sesame oil, 3tsp crushed garlic, 2tsp chopped ginger & 1/4C sweet chilli sauce and mix well. Refrigerate for a couple of hours or overnight to develop flavours.

Defrost a couple of packets of spring roll pastry and place under a damp teatowel to keep moist. Working with one sheet at a time, place a large spoonful of filling mixture in the bottom corner of the pastry, fold up bottom corner to enclose, then fold in the sides and roll up. Seal using a little sesame oil on a pastry brush. You can freeze them at this point for later use or cook them at 200C for around 20-25 minutes or until golden. Serve with soy sauce or sweet chilli sauce.

Pizza Pinwheels

Party food

This is a really simple ‘recipe’. You just get a sheet of puff pastry and top it with your favourite toppings. The pizza ones that I do that are always the favourites are just pizza/tomato paste (the 2Tbsp sachets of these that come in boxes are the perfect amount for one sheet of pastry) topped with grated mozzarella cheese & chopped bacon. Then you just roll them up (using the blue plastic they come on to wrap them back up) and freeze them until you need them.

Pizza Pinwheels 1Pizza Pinwheels 2Pizza Pinwheels 3Pizza Pinwheels 4Pizza Pinwheels 5

Thaw the rolls for about 10 minutes, then cut them (you should get about 10 out of each sheet) and bake them in a 200C oven for about 15-20 minutes or until golden. I also usually do a vegetarian version with ricotta & pesto, but for some reason this time they didn’t go puffy at all, which is weird…

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about those 2 before, they are both things I could whip up in my sleep and they always get requested for parties… I hope you enjoy them :)

4 thoughts on “Colourful Party Food

  1. TaraM, they are great recipes to have on hand.. a freezer full would be fantastic at this time of year with the never ending stream of visitors.

    I will surely give these a go as soon as I find spring roll wrappers, i think i spotted them in Coles recently.

    The pizza pinwheels we do for parties too, but yours are very neat, this is from cutting them semi-frozen I think. I will try that next time.

  2. Hi Frizz, welcome to my blog :) Yeah it can definitely get a bit messy when you try to cut these when they are thawed… I learnt to cut them frozen pretty early on!

    The spring roll wrappers are sold in packs of 30, they are square and sold at most coles/woolworths right next to the shortcrust & puff pastries… the ones I buy have an orange asian border on the packet… hope you can find them… if not, you can make the spring rolls with filo pastry but it is a lot more fiddly!

  3. You made a very colorful and mouthwatering party, Tara. I’m certain that Geoff had a very memorable celebration. Surely the guests loved and enjoyed the food that you prepared. In fact, just looking at them is enough to make anyone feel hungry! The food looks so tempting, particularly the pizza pinwheels!

    Neva Modzelewski

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