From the Taste Cook Club Archives – Broccoli Pie

I would call this a quiche rather than a pie, but it is just as delicious by either name. This broccoli qie/puiche/pie/quiche/whatever was one of the recipes for round 8 of the Taste Cooks Club. I’ve never used yoghurt in a quiche before, so that was interesting… but next time I think I will use half milk (which is what I usually use) and half yoghurt, because I found the yoghurt by itself was a bit heavy, although it did add a nice tangy flavour…

Broccoli Quiche Serves 4-6

Broccoli Pie/Quiche

Preheat oven to 180C and line a pie dish with 1 sheet puff pastry. Cut 1 head of broccoli into florets (I only used half a head, you just need enough to cover the base of your pie dish) and steam for a few minutes, drain and arrange over pastry. Cook 1 diced brown onion & 4 chopped bacon rashers for a few minutes and sprinkle over broccoli. Mix together 5 eggs, 1C grated tasty cheese, 1/2C natural yoghurt & 1/2C milk and pour into pie dish. Cook for 40-45 minutes or until golden and set.

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