I’m a Menu Plan Monday virgin!

I’m procrastinating from studying still, can you tell? I have known about Menu Plan Mondays over at the Organizing Junkie for sometime and often stalk other peoples menus, but I have never posted one of my own. I used to menu plan a lot until mums boyfriend moved in with us and they go out randomly without warning a lot and leave me at home alone when I have planned a meal to feed 4 people! But now that my cooking mojo is slowly coming back in this new house I have decided to start planning again because it is a lot less stressful than not having any idea what to cook and ending up eating 2 minute noodles or spagasaurus or something. Besides, they can eat the leftovers for lunch the next day if they aren’t here.

So this week, for the first time in AGES, I have made a menu plan. I am trying to use up a lot of excess food that we bought for the party last weekend, especially eggplant (can you tell?), cream & rolls (we have about 40 bake-at-home rolls leftover, luckily they freeze well, they should last us for a while). On the nights I am not here I haven’t planned anything because they can fend for themselves and make something random (Geoff is good at that) and in all likelihood they probably won’t be home anyway.

Menu Plan (Week beginning 10th Nov)

Monday 10/11 (Mum away for work)

Chicken Satay (marinated chicken leftover from making satay skewers for the housewarming party) – add carrots, leftover spring onions, chopped brown onion, garlic & ginger and serve on a mixture of leftover coconut rice from Sunday night & vermicelli noodles leftover from making spring rolls for the party. Already eaten, was delicious and used up a lot of remnants!

Tuesday 11/11 (Mum away for work)

Eggplant Patties served w/ leftover Ratatouille & bake-at-home rolls from the party. I’m going to make these patties small oval shapes to fit the rolls better. I will also be freezing the leftover patties for later on as there are only going to be 2 of us here that night.

Wednesday 12/11

Broccoli Pie served w/ potato gems (there is an open bag of these in the freezer that have been there for a long time. Found them while making room for party food over the weekend and they need to be used up) & steamed vegies (carrots & corn leftover from party, frozen peas). This pie is really more like a quiche and is one of the recipes for round #8 of the Taste Cooks Club.

Thursday 13/11 (I’m staying at Jeff’s place)

Leftover eggplant patties/fend for themselves/eat out!

Friday 14/11

Hot Eggplant & Mozzarella Rolls served with salad. This will use up some eggplant, rolls & cheese! Perfect :)For dessert: Caramelised Grapefruit Tart. We have a LOT of grapefruit lying around because Geoff stripped the grapefruit tree at the old house when we moved, it will also use up a bit of the cream we have lying around after the party.

Saturday 15/11

North African Chicken w/ Vegetable Tagine. This one is from the current Taste Cooks Club Challenge (#22), I will be using chicken instead of the suggested beef fillet though as I don’t eat much red meat.

Sunday 16/11 (I’m staying at Jeff’s place)

Mum and Geoff can fend for themselves! I am going to be making this months Daring Bakers challenge over the weekend to take to a farewell dinner for Jeff on Sunday night though. He is heading back home to Canada for a month to visit his family, which is good for him… but :(

Well that is my menu plan for the week, head over to The Organizing Junkie to see more of other peoples menu plans. Funny, the first week I decide to participate it is hosted by Laura’s sister Tara!!

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