Scary Halloween Fare…

Well I gave you a sneak peek at my Halloween spread yesterday and I thought I should actually post the recipes and everything before the weekend sucks me through its time warp and all of a sudden it is Monday again! This weekend is going to be an especially busy one again as we are having a party for Geoffs (Mums boyfriend, not mine!) birthday/housewarming – although the house got fairly warmed last weekend at my Halloween party… hehe…

So last weekend it was my turn to host the annual Halloween party that my best friend Leanne and I have been holding for 5 years now. We have a pretty good collection of decorations going on now and we add to it every year. My favourite addition for this year was our pet tarantula, which I bought to fill my empty fish tank that I still haven’t got around to filling since we moved house. It is kinda a centrepiece of the loungeroom, so I had to do something with it for the party or it would just look stupid! I was very happy with the results :)

Pet Tarantula

The costumes were great this year, which might have something to do with my wording on the invite – “Don’t be lame and come dressed as yourself, Halloween only comes around once a year so let’s do this properly… You guys go all out with the costumes and I will go all out with the food, Deal? Deal!”… haha… It seemed to work, we still got a couple of people showing up out of costume, but almost everyone dressed up and we got around 20 people, which is a pretty good turn out.

Me & Leanne, the hostesses! I was the Mad Hatter and Leanne was a girl from the Destination Calabria videoclip:

Me & Leanne

My new boyfriend Jeff went as the White Rabbit and I made a caterpillar costume for my dog Lulu, How cute do we all look together in our Alice in Wonderland theme?? hehe:

Me, Jeff & Lulu

Leanne’s boyfriend went as Old Greg from the Mighty Boosh and if you don’t watch that show his costume will just look completely random!:


Unfortunately we didn’t get a group photo like we planned to, but there are plenty more costume photos on my flickr if you would like to check them out. But now, onto the food, which is after all the reason for this post…

The food spread!

I made (clockwise from centre):

Punch w/ Green Hand

Punch w/ green hand

I don’t know what was in the punch because Leanne made it, but the green hand was made by rinsing out a latex glove and filling it with green cordial before freezing it by hanging it off the wire in the freezer. I actually made 2 because they melt quite quickly and I added some plastic spiders into them for something different.

Mad Hatters Tea Punch (aka Spicy Spiked Iced Tea)


You can’t dress up as the Mad Hatter without drinking some tea, and iced tea is MUCH easier to spike! I got this recipe from the food network and it is originally a Rachel Ray recipe. The only changes I made were to add more sugar (probably ended up using around 1C… I like it sweet!) and use a little less rum (maybe 6 shots) as rum really isn’t my favourite alcohol… The punch turned out great, but it also makes a lot… I doubled it thinking I wouldn’t have enough and I could really have done with just the one batch!

Dog Balls (aka Asian-style meatballs) Makes 30

These are my usual go-to recipe for party meatballs, but this time I made them with Pork instead of chicken.

Pizza Pinwheels

I just went looking for a link to these in one of my older posts and I can’t believe I haven’t posted about them before. These are one of my catering stand-bys and they are so simple to make. There is no up close photo of them from the Halloween party, so I will get a good photo of them over the weekend (I am making them again for the housewarming/birthday party) and post about them next week. For the halloween party the plan was to put an olive in the centre of them to make them look like eyeballs, but I didn’t get around to that so they were just normal.

Vampire-Away Garlic Dip

Got this one from here, watch out, this one is very garlicy!

Blend together 1/2C skim milk, 1C low-fat cottage cheese, 2 small garlic cloves, 4Tbsp chopped chives, 1/8tsp paprika, 1/8tsp curry powder & 1tsp onion salt and serve with crackers, carrots & celery sticks.

Bloody Skulls (aka Cream Cheese w/ Salsa or Sweet Chilli Sauce)

These were fairly easy to make and pretty impressive. Just get a plastic skull toy or decoration, line it with plastic wrap and fill with softened cream cheese. Wrap it up with plastic wrap and put the whole thing (including the plastic mold) into the freezer to firm up. Once it is firm you can reuse the mold to make more skulls. Thaw for a few hours and place on top of a 250g round package of cream cheese that you have flattened out a little bit to make an oval shape. Cover with salsa or sweet chilli sauce for the blood. I got this idea from here.

Jelly Shots w/ worms

Jelly shots w/ worms!

I made 3 flavours: Green Midori, Pina Colada (Pineapple Jelly w/ Malibu) & Strawberry Daiquiri (Strawberry w/ Rum) and I stuck sour gummy worms in them when they were half set. Yum!

Make jelly using the required amount of boiling water, but substituting 1/2 of the cold water for alcohol. Wait until the mixture cools a bit before adding the cold water & alcohol, otherwise the alcohol may evaporate away. Instead of using vodka, match the jelly flavour to an alcohol flavour to make your favourite drinks in jelly shot form.

Crusty Crud (aka Coconut & Almond Balls)

Crusty Crud

Sorry about the dodgy photo, you would never have guessed a professional photographer took them would you? :P These were quite nice, coconut & almond balls rolled in green jelly crystals… I was expecting them to be greener than they were, but oh well… stil delicious! Recipe here.

Chocolate Noodle Spiders


I haven’t had these in years… I almost forgot how awesome they are! So simple & the recipe is even on the back of the Changs noodle packets so you can never lose it… I added some eyes to add to the spidery look by using quartered mini marshmallows and some black food decorating gel, just stick them on with melted white chocolate once the spider is set.

Melt together 200g dark or milk chocolate & 2Tbsp crunchy peanut butter and mix until well combined. Add in 100g Changs Original Fried Noodles and mix until they are well coated. Drop teaspoonfuls onto trays lined with baking paper and refrigerate until firm.

Eyeballs (aka White Chocolate Truffles) Makes approx. 30

Eyeball truffles

I got the idea for these somewhere online (bad me for not keeping track of the link!). I just used my basic chocolate coated truffle recipe, using white chocolate for both the inside and outside, but adding red food colouring to the inside to make it look more like blood. I also added rosewater to the inside (I wanted strawberry but we didn’t have it). Then I topped each with a halved glace cherry and decorated them with red food decorating gel for the veins and black food decorating gel for the pupils.

Well that was my Halloween, now I am off to start cooking for another party! Two weeks in a row, I am going to die!!

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