Menu Plan Monday (Week Beginning 8th December)

I’ve got no recipes to show you from last weeks menu plan as we used a lot of jars and packaged stuff last week. The one meal I made from scratch was the Lamb Stew w/ Spring Vegetables from Australian Good Food magazine, but I wasn’t happy with it at all. Firstly it was a pain trying to find all the spring vegetables the recipe called for, then it took way too long to blanch each vegetable separately, cook the lamb, fry the vegies, make the sauce… it took forever… And instead of being rewarded with a tasty meal all that I got was a bland, unpalatable plate of vegetables (the smell of the lamb cooking made me want to chuck, so I didn’t risk actually eating it)… very disappointing to say the least… hopefully this weeks meals will turn out better!

Menu Plan (Week beginning 8th December)

Monday 8/12 (Everyone out)


Tuesday 9/12

Spring Vegetable Quiche (made from leftover vegies from the Lamb Stew w/ Spring Vegetables)

Wednesday 10/12

Mediterranean Carrot Rolls & Roast Vegetable Salad w/ Chickpeas

Thursday 11/12

Chicken Curry w/ Pappadums & Rice (carried over from last week)… Baked Banana Souffles for dessert :)

Friday 12/12 (I’m out)


Saturday 13/12

Eggplant Patties on Mountain Bread w/ salad (carried over from last week)

Sunday 14/12

Turkey, Leek & Cranberry Pie

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