30 healthy breakfast ideas

30 healthy breakfast ideas

Stuck for breakfast ideas? Bored with the same old thing all the time? How about one of these 30 healthy breakfast ideas to inspire you? I hope you find something to get you inspired for a healthy breakfast! Click on the recipe titles to go to the recipes.

baked ham and eggs

Excellent eggs:

These little nutritional powerhouses are the basis to so many different meals. They used to get a bad rap due to the fact that they contain cholesterol, but we now know that it isn’t the cholesterol that we eat in food that has an effect on the cholesterol levels in our blood, it is saturated fat that does this instead. Eggs contain more of the healthy unsaturated fats as well as 11 different vitamins and minerals and research shows you can enjoy up to 6 in a week without increasing your cholesterol levels.

Smiling eggs_ID-10068740_freedigitalimages_noomhh

Healthy tip: For healthier eggs – scramble them with low fat milk or bake or poach them to keep the added fat to a minimum.

  • Egg cooked in avocado half - Looking for something interesting to add to your cooked breakfast spread? Halve an avocado, remove the pip and scoop out a bit of the flesh. Crack an egg in each half and bake until set. It looks impressive, why not try it next time you have guests for breakfast?
  • Baked ham & eggs - These look pretty in ramekins, or line muffins tins with ham slices, sprinkle with chopped veg and crack an egg into each cup. (Photo at top of post)
  • Green eggs and ham - A great recipe inspired by the ever-popular Dr. Seuss! This is a great one for fussy kids, read the book and watch them scoff it down. (Note: Also loved by big kids at heart).
  • Cottage cheese omelette with peas & mint - Try adding different veggies to your omelette. This one uses convenient frozen peas and the cottage cheese helps to keep the fat content down while still making it nice and creamy!
  • Capsicum egg rings - For a colourful, edible egg ring use capsicum slices. You can always count on pinterest for interesting ideas!

Tasty toast toppings:

Toast is a versatile breakfast staple, but far too often we get stuck in a rut having the same old toppings on it. By all means, stick to your old faithful spreads during the week, but why not whip up one of these tasty beauties on the weekend? Keep any leftovers in the fridge to use throughout the week as well.

Wholegrainbread_ID-10042092_freeimagenet_Grant Cochrane

Healthy tip: Stick to a grainy bread as much as possible for the best health benefits – these have more fibre and generally are low GI, so they’ll keep you feeling full for longer. Grainy breads are also less processed, so they contain more of the nutrients that your body needs to function properly.

  • Tomato, mushroom & onion on toast One of my favourite weekend breakfasts growing up! Dad would cook some chopped mushrooms and onions and add a can of chopped tomatoes – so simple, but delicious and a healthy veggie-filled way to start the day.
  • Fruit toast with cinnamon ricotta - Add some cinnamon and honey to low fat ricotta and serve on toasted fruit loaf for a sweet low GI breakfast.
  • Avocado smash on toastA Melbourne cafe staple, but you don’t have to head out to enjoy this healthy treat. In fact, make it healthier at home by sticking to half the avocado and add some other veggies to your plate to keep the kj down – healthy fats from avocados are good for us, but you can still go overboard on them!
  • Slow-cooker baked beansSo much tastier than store bought, make your own baked beans so you know what’s going into them.
  • Breakfast bruschettaTurn this familiar appetiser into a healthy breakfast or brunch.

Some like it hot:

Whether it’s a steaming hot porridge or a savoury breakfast fry up, there is something really satisfying about a nice hot meal to start the day. Next time you’re craving something warm in your belly, try one of these healthy treats.

cooked breakfast_ID-100133751_freedigitalphotos_rakratchada torsap

Healthy tip: For a healthy breakfast fry up, try baking instead of frying to cut down on added fat. Skip the sausages – have a couple of slices of lean bacon instead and pile your plate with lots of cooked vegetables. We need 5-6 serves of vegetables a day, so getting some in at breakfast is a good start.

  • Cheese & Onion Waffles w/ Herbed Ricotta & Balsamic Fry-UpIf you don’t have a waffle maker, drop spoonfuls of this mixture into a hot frypan to make some tasty savoury pancakes. The waffles/pancakes can be frozen (wrapped in cling film and foil) for a couple of months so you can even enjoy them throughout the week! (Note: the link is correct, just scroll down to find this recipe further down that post)
  • Brunch quesadillasFill these quesadillas with lots of chopped veg (think cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, capsicum and zucchini, or any of your favourites) and make sure you use low fat milk & cheese for a healthier alternative. Another one that can be frozen for later in the week too.
  • Baked berry porridge Great one to share with the whole family. Sub margarine in place of the butter for more healthy fats that won’t clog up your arteries.
  • Creamy, nutty porridge with chia seeds Sick of your boring porridge? This link has 9 healthy flavour combos to try. Scroll down for the creamy nutty porridge that uses light cream and nuts. Chia seeds and walnuts are packed with ALA which is great for heart health.
  • Blueberry & almond breakfast quinoa - If you haven’t heard of quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) yet, where have you been?! Like other grain foods, quinoa is packed with nutrients, so give it a go as a porridge alternative here  great for people with coeliac disease.

Some like it cold:

Prefer something cold in the morning? A cool, refreshing breakfast can be just the thing on a hot Summery morning. Escape a heat wave with one of these delicious breakfasts that won’t heat up the kitchen.


Healthy tip: Make sure your breakfast includes some fruit – in your smoothie, on top of you cereal or layered in a trifle. You need 2 serves for the day, so why not get half way there with your first meal? Keep some in the freezer so you’ve always got a supply.

  • Banana, yoghurt & honey smoothie - This smoothie uses up those bananas you’ve thrown in the freezer when they’re getting too brown. Follow this recipe, but use a banana in place of the strawberries and add a pinch of cinnamon.
  • Breakfast trifle - Layer your favourite fruit/s and low fat yoghurt in glasses and top with a sprinkling of muesli &/or nuts.
  • Spiced pear overnight chia seed oats - A twist on traditional porridge. These oats are left overnight to soften by soaking up the milk – no cooking required! Like the idea? Search ‘overnight oats’ in your search engine and you’ll find lots of other flavour combos to try.
  • Frozen blueberry breakfast bars - Great for those really hot Summer days. Who wouldn’t want ‘ice cream’ for breakfast?!
  • Toasted muesliBought toasted muesli is notoriously high in kilojoules due to the addition of fat (usually the unhealthy saturated fat) while toasting. Make it at home yourself to cut down on the added fat and kilojoules.

On the go:

If you’ve pressed the snooze button one too many times or spent so much time helping the rest of the family get ready that you’ve forgotten your own breakfast, don’t be tempted to skip breakfast altogether or grab a giant muffin or croissant on your way to the office. Keep some of these on the go options in the freezer and you’ll have a healthier option on hand.

 muffin_ID-100205408_freedigitalphotos_Serge Bertasius

Healthy tip: Cafe style muffins and croissants can be huge and have a lot of kj as well as sugar and saturated fat. If you are stuck out and about and needing breakfast on the go, get a toasted ham and tomato sandwich (on wholegrain bread if possible), or grab a liquid tetra-pak breakfast if you’re really stuck.

  • Individual frittatas - Fill muffin tins with chopped veg and lean ham, top with a mix of eggs and low fat milk and sprinkle with low fat cheese. Cook in oven until set.
  • Zucchini basil breakfast muffins - Tasty and easy to grab from the freezer when you’re on the run out the door.
  • Breakfast biscuits - 4 ingredients, you can’t get much easier than that!
  • Healthy breakfast barThere’s a bit of extra kj in these ones (muesli bars have to be held together with something!), so don’t have them everyday, but they are a good alternative to store bought.
  • Healthy breakfast sliceFreeze the leftovers for those unexpectedly busy mornings, or keep it in the fridge for up to 4 days. 

Sweets for my sweet:

Weekends and special occasions are a nice chance to make something sweet as a treat for the family. Try these healthier versions next time you’re looking for a weekend indulgence.

pancakes_ID-100219782_freedigitalphotos_grant cochrane

Healthy tip: Cut down the sugar in your baking by using apple sauce or mashed bananas in place of some of the sugar. This way you’re getting some extra nutrients as well.

  • Banana pancakes –  You only need 2 ingredients to make these simple pancakes, seriously! Get the kids involved in making them and they’ll think you’re some kind of wizard!
  • Carrot cake waffles – Want some sweet waffles with an extra nutritional boost? Add some carrot and spice and watch these go down a treat.  Skip the saturated fat filled coconut cream and stick to the cream cheese frosting (made with light cream cheese) to keep it healthier.
  • Baked berry french toast casserole - Bake this up for a crowd and watch it disappear!
  • Yummy apricot pancakes – The ricotta filling in these pancakes helps to keep them light but still nice and creamy.
  • Healthy muffins - These healthier muffins have bananas and apples as well as LSA, chia seeds and wholegrains so they pack a lot of nutritional punch. It sounds like they are quite large, so bake them in smaller tins to keep your portions in check.

Got another healthy breakfast recipe to share? Let everyone know in the comments below!

Following images courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net: Smiling egg – noomhh, grain bread & pancakes – Grant Cochrane, cooked breakfast - rakratchada torsap, muffin - Serge Bertasius Photography.

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