Healthy choc-banana ‘ice cream’


Want a quick and tasty dessert that is also healthy for you? How about one that only needs 2 ingredients? Well, this recipe is your answer! You’re probably thinking that I’ve gone crazy, but stay with me and you won’t be disappointed.

I came across this recipe on pinterest a while ago and have been making it as my ice cream substitute ever since. The basic recipe is just blending frozen bananas, but last month I had a chocolate craving so I decided to throw in some cocoa powder as well and it came out a treat. This is a great stand by for those nights when you feel like a chocolate hit without all the empty kilojoules, fat and added sugar that comes with the real thing. In place of all of that you get a serve of fruit and the nutrients that come with that instead.

It seems like some kind of magic – just throw some frozen bananas in a blender and out comes some ice cream – but trust me, it works! The starchiness of the bananas makes for a deliciously creamy texture when blended, so you can have the same texture as ice cream without all of the fat.

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably got a couple of bananas stashed in the freezer right now. You know those ones that got a bit too brown to live in the fruit bowl any longer? The ones earmarked for some far off banana cake? Get them out now and whip yourself up some dessert instead – you can thank me when you’re finished licking the bowl. I’ll wait right here.


Serves 2

2 frozen bananas, peeled & chopped

1 Tbsp cocoa

Blend ingredients in a food processor or blender until smooth and creamy. You can add a splash of milk or yoghurt to help it blend if needed as some motors may struggle to blend the frozen bananas, but I find this is only necessary when I am using a stick blender. Enjoy straight away!

Nutrition info (per serve) - 531kJ, 1.3g fat (0.7g saturated), 3.2g protein, 23.8g carbohydrates (18.7g sugars), 22mg sodium, 5.2g fibre, 1 fruit serve. Cost = $0.72.

Why should you eat this? This ice cream alternative has around half the kJ of ice cream and a whopping 10.5g less fat. It even comes off better nutritionally than ‘light’ ice cream varieties – with 1/3 of the fat and 1/3 less kJ. As a bonus you get 5.2g of fibre and a serve of fruit – there’s none of either of these goodies in regular or even low fat ice cream.

So, go throw some bananas in the freezer right now, your future self with thank you!

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