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Motivation Monday: Be kind to yourself

9. Be kind to yourself


It’s enough to make us cringe – the mere mention of the word ‘Christmas’ in November and those very unhelpful ‘friends’ posting Christmas countdowns on facebook (do we REALLY need daily reminders of how much time we don’t have left?!). For most of us, December is a busy time of year. With Christmas day fast approaching and the holiday season well and truly in full swing, it can be a time of year when healthy aspirations fall at the wayside while we take care of gift shopping and making appearances at umpteen holiday gatherings. It’s enough to make even the calmest among us stress out!

Remember, Christmas is meant to be a time for us to come together with those near and dear to us and celebrate the year and the people we have been glad to share it with. Be kind to yourself and try not to let the stress of the season ruin the celebrations.

Being kind to yourself at Christmas means:

  • accepting that you aren’t a superhero. You can’t do everything no matter how thinly you spread yourself. In fact, the more you try to do the less you will do well!
  • focusing on one thing at a time and not over-committing yourself
  • delegating – get the kids to wrap some gifts (accept that they may not be perfectly wrapped, but that will add to the charm!) or get hubby to cook the dinner.
  • planning ahead and cooking some extra meals to keep in the freezer for those busy nights later in the month
  • getting your grocery shopping delivered so you don’t have to spend extra time in the supermarket with the crazy Christmas crowds
  • planning some relaxing time away from the Christmas chaos to ward off stress – a bubble bath? a massage? regular walks after dinner? reading a magazine? doing a crossword or sudoku puzzle? Whatever works for you!
  • Enjoying a few Christmas treats without feeling guilty
  • Choosing a couple of healthy habits to keep up over the holiday season – book in your physical activity, include half a plate of veggies with dinner, get your healthy snacks in across the day, etc.
  • enjoying the season for the celebration that it is without getting stressed out.

So get out there, celebrate and enjoy the magic of Christmas without getting bogged down in the stress and madness of it all. Be kind to yourself and you’ll find it easier to be kind to those around you too!

How do you keep the stress at bay over Christmas? Share your tips for staying sane during the silly season in the comments below!

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