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Motivation Monday: Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people

20. Happiness is found It’s hard to be happy when you’re comparing yourself to others. There is always going to be someone who is richer than you, or has a bigger house than you, someone who is fitter or skinnier than you, but for most of us comparing ourselves to others is only going to make us give up. What’s the use in trying when there is always going to be someone better off than us? What we fail to pay attention to is the flip side of things. For every person who is better off than us there is someone else worse off than us too. Unfortunately, focusing on that side isn’t really much more inspiring – if there are so many people worse off than us then we’ve got it pretty good, so why try to improve?

Comparing vs. Taking inspiration

There is a difference between being inspired by someone and comparing ourselves to them. You can be inspired by someone who has lost a lot of weight or improved their health by making some lifestyle changes – there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But when you start comparing your changes to theirs or how much weight you lost in the same time as they did, that’s when you’re less likely to be inspired and more likely to end up feeling deflated. And what’s the point in comparing yourself to someone else anyway? We are all on our own journey in life and we all have a different story to tell.

 Look in the mirror

The only person you should be comparing yourself to is the person staring straight at you in the mirror – yourself. Keeping track of your progress is very important and likely to yield way more in the way of inspiration than spending all of your mental energy focusing on other people’s business. Look at where you were last week or last month or last year – is the past version of yourself better off than the current one? Then it is probably time to get back into the swing of things! Are they worse off than you are now? Then you must be doing something (or many things) right!

If you want to be happy with yourself you’ve got to stop comparing yourself to other people! Focus on yourself and what you are doing to live your life in a way that is meaningful and happy for YOU.

How do you go with this? Do you find yourself getting jealous of the healthy changes that other people have made?

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