18. Without the rain there would never be rainbows_cropped

Motivation Monday: Without the rain…

18. Without the rain there would never be rainbows


Someone close to me has been going through a tough time recently, so this quote stood out to me on Pinterest last week.

Unfortunately life can’t all be fun and good times – if it was then ‘fun’ would just become mediocre!¬†When you’re surrounded by the storm clouds it can be hard to think about the rainbows to come. I know, I’ve been there many a time. But once the storm has cleared and things settle down it is easier to see those times for the humbling opportunities that they were. Then, when the ‘rainbows’ come along you can appreciate them a whole lot more.

It’s tough for those of us looking on when loved ones are going through these times. We just want to pluck them out of the storm and draw rainbows in the sky for them, but it isn’t always possible. Sometimes the best that we can do is offer support – a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear and an umbrella to shield them from the storm.

If someone close to you is having trouble seeing through the storm clouds, the Conversations Matter website has a very useful resource to help with difficult conversations about suicide. Conversations really do matter and you can help someone close to you see through the storm.

May your storms be short and your rainbows be beautiful xx

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