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27. Dreams dont work unless you do - Copy

Motivation Monday: Dreams don’t work unless you do

January is typically a month for new starts and reassessing goals. Throughout the last month I’ve been talking here about how to make and keep your resolutions – but all the talk and all the advice in the world can’t get your goal achieved without you putting in some good old-fashioned hard work. The only […]

Staying on track calendar

Realistic resolutions – Part 3: Staying on track

It takes an average of 66 days to turn a new behaviour into a habit. During this time the new thing you are doing can feel quite unnatural – if you’ve been doing something another way for a long time, changing things up can feel quite forced. It is normal to feel the need to […]


Realistic resolutions – Part 2: Can you achieve your goal?

Having a goal that is in line with your priorities may be an important foundation – after all, if it isn’t something that is important to you, you’re probably not going to spend too much time on trying to achieve it – but making sure that your goal is realistic is also about making sure […]

changed priorities ahead

Realistic resolutions – Part 1: Is your goal a priority?

The fundamental reason many people fall of the wagon when it comes to resolutions is quite simple – the goal they have set themselves is not a priority for them. If something isn’t a priority for you or there are things higher on your priority list you will find excuses rather than success! Don’t get […]