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Cauliflower carbonara

Cauliflower carbonara & a trick to make any pasta recipe healthier

Today is World Pasta Day, but unfortunately when people are trying to eat better, pasta is one of the things that they tell me they are trying to avoid. Pasta seems to have a bad reputation when it comes to weight loss and general health, but contrary to popular belief, you can eat pasta and […]

Menu Plan Mondays (& Eggplant Pasta Bake w/ Spinach & Ricotta)

Just a quick post because I have left this until really late in the night! I made this pasta bake last week after having bookmarked it a couple of months ago on The Journal of a Girl Who Loves to Cook. I first stumbled upon Su Yins blog because of her gorgeous cake decorations, I […]

A Healthy(?) Dose of Organisation

I have finally managed to get around to organising my cookbook and food magazine bookcase after the move. I painstakingly packed my cookbooks and magazines into boxes according to what shelves they belonged on, but mum and Geoff got a little over zealous when we moved in and unpacked the books for me… and managed […]

Menu Plan Monday (& A Couple of Recipes)

It’s time for another week of Menu Plan Monday! I didn’t deviate from my plan at all last week and managed to cook everything, so that is great. It is so good knowing that dinner is all planned out. Before I tell you my menu plan for this week I am going to share a […]

A New Challenge!

While procrastinating from studying for my recent university exams I re-discovered Taste, an Australian recipe website that catalogues recipes from most of my favourite food magazines including Australian Good Taste, Super Food Ideas, Notebook & Delicious amongst others. While looking through the forums I found a new section called Cooks Club and a new obsession […]

More pasta!… from Cookbook Challenge Book #9

Woohoo! I’ve FINALLY cooked something from the current Cookbook Challenge book ‘Better Homes & Gardens – All-Time Favourite Beef Recipes’. While I was staying at Aaron’s place during my study week last week I made us some Manicotti for dinner. For those of you like myself who have never heard of this dish, it is […]

Quick & Delicious Gnocchi

How good is gnocchi for a quick dinner option?! Well, I’m talking the bought variety here, not the make it yourself from scratch type. I absolutely love these morsels of dense potatoey goodness, I just can’t get enough! I made this version from the May issue of Super Food Ideas Magazine a few weeks ago […]