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I’m back…. an update…

Thank-you to everyone who has offered my support at this time, it is lovely to know that there are so many people out there thinking of me and my family, you are all wonderful! Well, my break from blogging ended up being a little longer than I anticipated. February was definitely not the greatest month […]

The Tale of Two ‘Lasagnes’

I have two recipes for your reading value today, because you know how generous I am! Well, some of you might see through the facade to the truth – I am that far behind in blogging the meals I have tried that I am going to be posting double (and triple… maybe even quadruple) posts […]

Food for Fussy Eaters (Make My Kid Eat!)

This is a short post as I am in the middle of my study period for University, but I really wanted to participate in Deborah’s ‘Make My Kids Eat’ event. Although I don’t have any children of my own as yet, I can appreciate how difficult it must be to get kids to eat something […]