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Kicking off the New Year with a Giveaway!

Happy (belated) New Year to you all! I hope you are all still on track with your New Year resolutions… surely you haven’t given up on them already? For all of you who decided to live a healthier life in 2011 (my hand is up for that one too), I may just have the giveaway […]

The Sweet Things in Life…

…come from Donna Hay! As I suspected I have cooked something out of my current cookbook challenge book before, but not quite as much as I had expected… maybe they were less than memorable? After flicking through Donna Hays Modern Classics Book 2 (the sweet edition), I found that I have already cooked: Chocolate Ganache […]

More pasta!… from Cookbook Challenge Book #9

Woohoo! I’ve FINALLY cooked something from the current Cookbook Challenge book ‘Better Homes & Gardens – All-Time Favourite Beef Recipes’. While I was staying at Aaron’s place during my study week last week I made us some Manicotti for dinner. For those of you like myself who have never heard of this dish, it is […]