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17. You will never look like the girl in the magazine

Motivation Monday: You will never look like the girl in the magazine…

  If you’ve ever done a glamour photo shoot you will have some idea of the real power of professional make-up, hair styling, lighting and photography. With a team of experts transforming us it can be hard to recognise the person in the mirror afterwards. When it comes to women in magazines, many of us […]

Tips for serial breakfast skippers

Tips for serial breakfast skippers

Here in Australia, more than half of us are skipping breakfast on a regular basis. We all know that breakfast is an important meal, that message has been instilled in our minds from a young age, yet breakfast continues to be something that a lot of us struggle to get in on a regular basis. […]

Two ways with polenta

I’ve been going well with my weight loss goals at the moment. I’ve lost 1.4kg so far since Good Friday and I am not only feeling and looking great, but I have dramatically decreased my insulin needs and also improved my blood sugar levels, which would make it all worthwhile even if the weight wasn’t […]